Getting Into Infosec

Getting Into Infosec

Stories of how others got into Information Security, their experiences, lessons learned, and advice about getting in.

Listen for an "Easter Egg" in each show!

If you benefited from an episode, please take a moment to thank our guests for taking the time and sharing their story.

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    Nipun Gupta - From Security Consultant to Security Innovator

    Nipun graduated during the recession, but found a job as a consultant which helped him gain experience quickly. He was in fact discouraged to pursue a career in information security due to his immigrant status. Nipun is now a Cyber Security Executive focused on innovation.

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    Jack Rhysider - From Odd-jobs to Network Analyst to SOC Architect to... Darknet Diaries!

    Jack Rhysider's origin story. With an engineering background Jack found himself doing odd jobs at first. Looking to get back into tech he "certed" up and got a job in the NOC (Network Operation Center) and eventually became a SOC architect building a SOC from scratch. Looking to do something different, he started Dark Net Diaries and it's been an adventure since!

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    Yaron Levi - Entrepreneur to Security Architect to CISO and Security Champion

    Yaron Levi is the CISO for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City. We talk about what he looks for in people when hiring in Infosec and a time when he took a chance on someone (against the opinion of his peers) and his chance was a big success. We also discuss a breach he had to deal with only 3 months into his job!

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