Getting Into Infosec

Getting Into Infosec

Stories of how others got into Information Security, their experiences, lessons learned, and advice about getting in.


Listen for an "Easter Egg" in each show!

If you're looking to break into infosec, I wrote a little guide! Check it out:

“I purchased the kindle book last night and just finished it. It was a great “mini-mentoring” session, and I felt encouraged to persevere. I plan to listen to the podcasts regularly. As a woman getting into InfoSec, I feel as though I have been alone my entire life, learning and self-teaching with no real guidance or mentorship.”

If you benefited from an episode, please take a moment to thank our guests for taking the time and sharing their story.

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    Izzy - Random and Unplanned: From Annuities to ISO!

    Ismaelle Vixsama (aka Izzy) has a knack for finding strategic flaws and speaking up about them. Doing so helped her get her first full-time job as well as have repercussions for defensive egos. Her whole career is a war story.

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    BONUS - InfosecJon Learns Trust But Verify The HARD way

    InfosecJon expands on some CRAZY follies he experienced during his times in the Navy. Many times he comes close to a fatal or catastrophic experience. He learns through trial by fire, literally, to trust but verify!

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